Kiwanis is a worldwide service organization designed for individuals desiring personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of their communities.  

Siloam Springs Kiwanis Club meets at noon every Wednesday at John Brown University in the Dye Faculty Lounge.  Everyone is welcome.  Membership is open to those who have been invited to join in the meetings and participate in the club’s projects.

Siloam Springs Kiwanis Club is active and conducts several projects.   These projects help provide funding for the Siloam Springs High School Scholarship Program.  Our club also donates to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Siloam Springs Children’s Center, the Siloam Springs Boys & Girls Club and many other worthy projects.  Our club also participates in Operation Clean Sweep by picking up trash and debris along a section of US Highway 412 in town.

A Circle K Club – Kiwanis on the collegiate level – was sponsored by the Siloam Springs Kiwanis Club and was chartered on March 6, 1964, at John Brown University.  Before disbanding in the Spring of 1973, it received several awards including “Outstanding Club Award”.  Its President became Circle K Governor of the Missouri-Arkansas District of Circle K International.

Siloam Springs Kiwanis Members are assigned to committees of their choice, and include:

Youth Services Sponsored Youth
Community Services Inter-Club
Spiritual Aims Young Children and Major Emphasis
Membership Growth Club Meetings (members select program)
Membership Retention Pancake Breakfast
Publicity and Newsletter  

Regular attendance at the weekly meetings is encouraged.  There are not attendance requirements however; regular attendance is one of the benefits of belonging to a group and its fellowship.  Perfect attendance is recognized and rewarded.

Members are invited to attend a regular meeting of the club’s board of directors and are encouraged to attend an inter-club meeting at another Kiwanis Club along with three other Siloam Springs Kiwanians.  You will find, as a member, that you are welcome at any Kiwanis Club around the world.

The cost of membership is a one-time membership processing fee of $82.00 and a monthly charge of $30.00.  The monthly charge includes weekly meals, dues and magazines.  Of the monthly dues of $5.00 are divided between Kiwanis International, the Missouri-Arkansas District (MO-ARK) and the Siloam Springs Kiwanis Club.  Also included in the $5.00 are magazine subscriptions to Kiwanis Magazine and the MO-ARK District bulletin, The Kiwanigram.  An additional $2.00 Club dues is paid for use by the Siloam Springs Kiwanis Club.  Credit for meals not eaten cannot be given unless the member is on a leave of absence.  Leaves of absence are granted by the Board of Directors for a period of three months at a time.

The Siloam Springs Kiwanis Club is in the Northwest Arkansas Division of Kiwanis Clubs.  We are in Division 19A of the MO-ARK District of Kiwanis International.  There are 10 clubs that comprise Division 19.  Bella Vista, Bentonville, Fayetteville-Sequoyah, Gravette, Huntsville, Lincoln, Rogers, Rogers-Breakfast, Siloam Springs, and Springdale.  There are 27 Divisions in the District.  The presiding officer of our club is the President, who is governed by the Club’s Board of Directors.

The Division is led by the Lieutenant Governor.  The District is led by the Governor and Kiwanis International is led by the International President.  All local, Division, District and International officers are elected and are Kiwanis Club members.  They hold office for one year beginning October 1.  The offices of Kiwanis International are in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In the early 1990’s, Kiwanis International voted to conduct it first worldwide service project; to virtually eliminate the most common, preventable cause of mental retardation, Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) by the year 2000.  IDD affects about 1.5 billion people worldwide.  Kiwanis, in partnership with UNICEF, is building iodized salt plants throughout third-world countries in an effort to prevent the development of IDD.

Kiwanis’ current global campaign for children, The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus, aims to raise US$110 million and save the lives of a 129 million mothers and their future babies. In partnership with UNICEF, Kiwanis is committing by 2015 to eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus, a disease that kills one baby every nine minutes. By targeting this disease, Kiwanis will not only save lives but also pave the way for other interventions that will boost maternal health and child survival among the poorest, most underserved women and children in the world.


to give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than the material values of       life

to encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationship

to promote the adoptions and application of higher social, business and          professional standard

to develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship

to provide, through Kiwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships

to render altruistic service and to build better communities

to cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism that makes possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill.

KIWANIS.  The motto of Kiwanis is “We Build.”    The name Kiwanis stems from an Indian phrase, which roughly translated, means, “To Express Oneself.”

Kiwanis International, along with our own Kiwanis Club, is an outstanding service organization.  We are proud of our accomplishments, our community projects, and each of our members.  All members, past and present, have an interest to give back to this community part of what it has given them.  You will find, as we have, that Kiwanis is one of the best tools to give back some of what you have gained.

A HISTORY OF THE SILOAM SPRINGS, ARKANSAS KIWANIS CLUB.  The Kiwanis Club of Siloam Springs was chartered August 2, 1946, with 27 members.  It was sponsored by the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club with help from the only other Kiwanis Club in Northwest Arkansas, the Rogers Kiwanis Club.  The population of Siloam Springs at the time was 2,366.  The President is listed as James T. Brown on the official charter, but R.D. King was the first Club President.

The Club met in various places around town in those early days, but not until the late 1940’s did the Club settle on a permanent meeting place.  It was the large banquet room on the second floor of the Youree Hotel at the corner of Broadway and University, which now houses the City Barber Shop.  Fire destroyed the hotel in the early 1960’s so the group moved the meeting place to the Spot Theater on East Main Street where it met in the Fiesta Room.

The Kiwanis Club moved to the 4-C Restaurant in 1967, which was razed and is now the Hartland Lodge on West Hwy 412.  The Club met there until 1973 until it met briefly at the L&K Restaurant just south of Seller’s Equipment on East Hwy. 412.  The Sager Creek Flood of 1974 devastated the downtown area and other parts of the city.  It took its toll on the Kiwanis Club as well.  The flood swept away all of the Club’s historical records and papers.

In 1975, the Club met at the Jailhouse Café, located in the Highland Park Shopping Center.  In 1976, the Club began meeting in the current meeting place, the Dye Faculty Lounge in the Mabee Center at John Brown University.  Our Club grew to its largest membership in 1998 to 75 members and has received several awards for outstanding accomplishments.  Awards have included “Outstanding Club” and “Outstanding Club Bulletin”.  Members have been recognized for “Distinguished President”, “Distinguished Secretary”, and “Distinguished Lt. Governor”.   Past Club member, Jim Sheets, moved from Siloam Springs to Indianapolis, Indiana, to accept a position with Kiwanis International at its home office when he served as the Administrator of Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees until his retirement in 1998.  In 1962 Jim served as Lt. Governor of our Division and then several years before leaving, served as District Secretary and later Governor of the MO-ARK District.  We have had several members serve as Lt. Governor for our Division.  They include: Bob Knight in 1973-74, Jim Hartley in 1979-80, Paul Joseph in 1991-92, Tommy Free in 2000-01 and Tony Williams 2005-06 and 2012-14 and David Bailey 2017-18.


1946   R.D. King 1981-82   Bob Burns
1947   J.C. McCurdy 1982-83   Doug Blank
1948   Eldon Robb & 1983-84   Sid Townsend
    Wilson Ford 1984-85   Dennis Bergthold
1949   Max Sample 1985-86   Terry Reese
1950   Les Killebrew 1986-87   Lloyd Fagan
1951   Irving Hepner 1987-88   Craig Taylor
1952   Ken Siler 1988-89   Paul Joseph
1953   Barton Groom 1989-90   Phil Porter
1954   Dwight Morris 1990-91   Gene Bishop &
1955   Art Melson 1990-91   Larry Brooks
1956   R.D. King 1991-92   Art Morris
1957   Russell Smith 1992-93   Danny Elrod
1958   Neal Lancaster 1993-94   Gary Gray
1959   Walace Philpot 1994-95   Janette Hayes
1960   Kurt Burns 1995-96   Dana Snodgress
1961   Jim Sheets 1996-97   Roger Holroyd
1962   Jim Strassheim 1997-98   Tommy Free
1963-64   Harry Horne 1998-99   Grady Nichols
1964-65   John Ryhel 1999-00   Larry Eurich
1965-66   Ervin Taylor 2000-01   Bill Chism
1966-67   Charles Stinnett 2001-02   Ralph Griggs
1967-68   Ace Wilson 2002-03   Tony Williams
1968-69   Bob Knight 2003-04   Patrick Carr &
1969-70   Jack Martin 2004-05   Sheila Colvin
1969-70   Jim Hartley 2005-06   Allen Broyles
1970-71   Bill Ruble 2006-07   Jeremy Harp
1971-72   Maurice Derdeyn 2007-08   Rick Parker
1972-73   Glenn Rogers 2008-09   Mary Ann Owens
1973-74   Charles Brown 2009-10   Bob Coleman
1974-75   Burton Elliott 2010-11   James Mason
1975-76   Bill Osgood 2011-12   Karl Mounger
1976-77   A.P. Vohs 2012-13   S. Keith Moore
1977-78   Bill Hasseburg 2013-14   Jay Williams
1978-79   John Brown III 2014-15   Levi Price
1979-80   Wayne Collins 2015-16   David Bailey
1980-81   Jerrell Suttles 2016-17   Steve Onnen